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Fan bits: Dragon Age: Origins

Welcome to Swooping_is_bad, the first fan community for Alistair from Dragon Age: Origins. "We're like a support group, except we don't get better. We just revel in our addiction." 


(we've got some rules around here) 
It's assumed that since the game is rated M, that some fan media may contain adult content. And that's just fine by me, the steamy bits are more interesting. However all posts considered NSFW must be marked so, and hidden behind a livejournal cut. An alternative? Link the site, post the NSFW heading.

Some people are pretending to work, k? 

All community works are fan media and are in no way affiliated with Bioware or EA Games. 

To the moderators' knowledge, no community member is profiting from their fanmedia in any way.

+ Your own stories (long, short, multi, drabble)
+ Slash Friendly
+ Steamy bits welcome, and also blatantly encouraged.

All fanfic must be placed behind a LJ cut when posted, and tagged appropriately. 

+ Your own work
+ Link to another's work
+ Icons
+ Requests
+ Resources

Aimo has presented us with many of her comics and has requested that her adult works not be replicated or placed on another site. These posts are community exclusive. Aimo has very generous distribution policies with her work, but please do not duplicate/icon/manipulate without reading the post. If it is community exclusive, she mark it as such.

[11/27] Aimo

"I'm alright with reposts/redistribution of my non-smut art :) I'll definitely make it clear in my post if I'd like it to stay in here."

[12/10] cat_on_coals

"Note: [...] any racy material I post in the Community is for the COMMUNITY only, I really do not want it reposted anywhere. I do a lot of commercial commission work, and I don't need them googling me and finding p[-]rn." 

+ Your own edited videos
+ Links to DA:O content

Added: 2 April 2010
As of today, outright character bashing with no respect for your fellow community members is not allowed. It's common courtesy not to be a blithering idiot when it comes to expressing your own opinions. Please see this post for further explanation.

Added: 10 January 2011
Posts, unless approved beforehand by the mods, may not be screened. They are utilized in the community by the Moderators, and are used for administrative posts that require a degree of confidentiality. This rule is retroactive.


With the hours ticking down to the sequel's release, here is your recap of SIB's spoiler policy, and what constitutes as a spoiler.


What is a spoiler?
For our purposes, a spoiler is when someone reveals a previously unknown aspect of Dragon Age 2 that a player would have preferred to discover on their own, and experience as part of the greater Bioware storyline. This can be a minor annoyance for some, or it can legitimately ruin gameplay for certain community members. This includes, but is not limited to, revealing major parts of the plot or big game events, moments of character growth that are meant to be discovered during gameplay, and revelations about the end-game.

So, What does this mean for you? 
SIB is community that started as an outlet for a few girls to discuss Alistair/Origins and post fanmedia. We prided ourselves on some of the plot discussions here, as well as the seemingly endless posts about the inner workings of some of the game's many characters. Sure, we had a ton of fic, but we also loved talking about the game with other gamers- and I'm sure that will continue to be the case for Dragon Age 2. 

We welcome discussion, and the moderators will establish Spoiler Quarantine posts that will be permanently affixed in the site's top navigation. You may utilize these to your heart's content. 

Should you create an independent post for the community, please keep your post title and uncut content free of any spoilers. Also, use the spoiler tag. If you do not, your post will be deleted by the moderating staff. You will receive a copy of the post via PM, and be encouraged to repost with all spoiler content concealed by a livejournal cut. This will be considered as a warning. A second offense will lead to your journal being restricted to moderated posting only.

Okay, well how do I appropriately warn people who are reading my post?
This is often a problem in forums, but shouldn't be in our community. Please use commonsense and common courtesy. Should you be asking a question about Anders, but know that your post may highlight spoilers for his character development, please say so.

For example:

Good: End-game Anders romance question, Spoilers through mid-game. 

Bad: WHOA? ANDERS IS SECRETLY A T-REX? Does that mean we can't get married?

The key here is to: Be vague, include who the spoilers involve, and if possible without giving too much away, state where you are in the game process. 

There is a spoiler on the page. A mod didn't delete it. :/ Death to the mods. 
Whoa with your pitchforks, pal. Chances are, we're playing. Or sleeping. Sleeping isn't just for the weak, you know. We have mods that are pretty spread out in terms of time-zones, so it shouldn't be much of an issue. However, if one slips through the cracks, please utilize the Dial-A-Mod feature at the top of the page. We will delete that post the moment we see it.

Also, if you see a post before we get to it, under no circumstances are community members encouraged to belittle or attack the OP. Ask for a LJ-cut, if you must, but leave feedback in the Dial-a-Mod. We will handle it.  

Rocks fall, everyone dies.
And that's really about it, guys. This is a tremendously wonderful community, and we've never had much of an issue with spoilers before. If you have any questions about this policy, don't hesitate to ask here. If you are unsure about whether or not your post would be considered a spoiler- ask a mod via Dial-a-Mod. All posts there are screened.

ETA: Thanks to mutive and cupcakesusie who both brought up great points during discussion. To elaborate, "anything that is freely available as info on the official site is not a spoiler." To go a step further, this includes information such as the characters involved with the main plot or official plot synopsis.